SME and School Support

Cost effective, proactive & reactive IT solutions

Silvercloud IT provide a wide range of services,  We provide a total, end to end support service for your IT system, where  necessary liasing with third parties in order to keep your systems running, and your business performing.  


Like anything, your computer will always stop working just at the wrong time. Whether your computer or laptop has a hardware fault or a software problem, we can help you. Using a blend of the latest generation of diagnostic systems, experience and a hint of gut feeling, we can analyse your computer and resolve the issue quickly, efficiently and permanently. By using a variety of suppliers, sourcing the right part at the right price is not a problem. When selecting replacement components, we will look at what your requirements are, and select a part that meets your needs, ensuring you have the best value. Call us today for your repair requirements at a time to suit you


No matter how many computers you have, Silvercloud IT can help. Laptops, Desktops, Smartphones, Tablets, the list of web-enabled gadgets is ever-growing. Give it a couple of years and the microwave will be on Facebook. With an ever-increasing level of demand placed on computer technology, the use of networked facilities such as printers, web access and other shared resources are becoming increasingly vital. Accessing these facilities in a safe, stable manner is key. Whether you want a wireless network setup throughout your office or home, or you would prefer the stability, security and speed of a hard wired network, Silvercloud IT can help. A wireless network can be setup at your office or home to allow everyone to share the internet and services securely across laptops, desktops and smartphones.

On Site Support

Remote support through the internet is a fantastic development, allowing for rapid solutions to many problems and get you up and running in no time. However, it is not always possible to fully solve the issue from the other side of the mountain. How did it happen? Why did it happen? Often, this is fairly easy to see when connecting remotely. However, sometimes it is not so obvious. A site visit can help to prevent these problems happening again. On site support - regular site visits - allow you to benefit from one to one training, an opportunity to look at potential future developments and even just someone to talk to outside of the office in total confidence. These site visits allow us to spot potential problem areas in the IT infrastructure or and provide possible solutions. The support service is not tied to a contract. This proactive IT support service ensures the safety of your valuable data, and allows for sensible budgeting for any upgrades or developments you are considering. Maximise the return on your investment, minimise the stress. 

Server Support

Get the edge over the competition through affordable, sensible IT solutions. Whether you are running Microsoft 2008, clearOS, Ubuntu or another flavour of Linux as your server, we can help. Through a monitoring service, site visits and remote support all aspects of your server's security and efficiency can be taken care of. Ensuring the latest security patches are in place, and working correctly to repairing hardware or software, 

Silvercloud IT can maintain and maximise your infrastructure. Silvercloud IT will provide a full support service for your servers, including (among others):

  • Server troubleshooting 
  • Emergency call out service 
  • Regular maintenance and updates 
  • Server Provision,
  • installation and configuration 
  • Hardware installation 
  • Server Upgrades and migration 
  • Server Monitoring

By ensuring your server is set up correctly, you will benefit from a reliable, stable network. Your data will be secure from outside influences, yet available to those who need it. As well as improving your company's performance, the investment you have made in your system will see its potential reached, as well as a longer life-span for the equipment. Should you be considering switching from a peer to peer network to a network with a domain, we can provide a consultation to discus your requirements, as well as your plans for the future, as a server will be in place for a long time to come, and your business will grow and adapt. Minimise the chance of upheaval in the future by putting a system in place that can grow and adapt just like your business. Protect your sensitive data from accidental damage, loss or theft. Implementing and maintaining a secure network is essential. Data security goes way beyond simply an anti-virus program. Concentrate on your business, and let someone else look after your system.

Silvercloud IT can put in place a system that will allow you access to your information easily and effectively, while protecting it against loss or abuse. We will cover all aspects required, establish exactly what you need, and what you would like, and provide a holistic solution tailored to your needs.