SME and School Support

Cost effective, proactive & reactive IT solutions

Remote Monitoring and Support

A simple, straight forward approach.  Allowing you to concentrate on your business while we look after your systems.

Through careful selection and implementation of systems, we have managed to put together a suite of services which hold your support and data security of paramount importance.  


at any time, all clients can utilise an online helpdesk for ant service requests or support.


Cloud Services Covered

Do you use Google apps or similar services? we can monitor and maintain these for you as well. 

How it Works

We install a local collector on site.  This can run on one of your machines, or if necessary a dedicated unit can be provided.  This software scans the nework for all attached hardware, and proceeds to collect information on:

  • Installed Software
  • Antivirus Status
  • Event Logs
  • Warranty Status
  • Ink / toner Status

This data is then sent through a secure encrypted channel to our central server.  At no point is your data available to anyone else.  The data is then presented to SIlvercloud IT and where required, acted upon. 

What happens then

Where support is required, we will either arrive on site and fix the problem, or connect in remotely depending on the nature of the problem.

Wholly Owned and Hosted Infrastructure

The systems on which all data is held is wholly owned, managed and housed by Silvercloud IT.  This means that at no point is your information availoable to ANY third party. This data is stored on servers directly under our control.  All information is delivered through encrypted channels, thereby protcting your data from prying eyes.